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The 1%ers is a private, collaborative, highly unorthodox expert-guided, texting peer-group + coaching experience, where you'll never be the smartest in the room... 

But you WILL get the support, strategy, feedback, conversation, guidance, love, mentorship, belly-laughs, brutal-honesty, coaching, and mindset work to evolve your business into that delightful million dollar+ empire you know you are ready to claim. 

Hey you! Yeah, you! You with the million-dollar dreams but the biz that isn’t quite there yet. 
Get on over here and join...

The 1%ers

Let's build million-dollar empires together. 

*takes a deep breath*


My amazingly hard-working friend, have you noticed that EVERY. SINGLE. "Internet famous" small business success story goes something like:

"Well, I was in a terrible job, and I quit. 
Then I started a business with $100, and now I'm a MILLIONAIRE!"

Well. LA DEE FLIPPIN DAH to you, oh ✨perfect✨ human who just appeared, lucky AF and apparently capable of turning AnYtHiNg into millions of dollars...


All those success stories leave out one VERY important part...

The Messy Middle.

You know, that little part between year 1 ($0 income) and year 5 (millionaire)? #nbd

The fact we NEVER hear about this part is a damn shame because the messy middle is where all the INTERESTING STUFF happens. 

Interesting stuff = mistakes, challenges, frustrations, learning, experimenting, falling flat on your face and laying on the couch for a week, 2 am panic attacks... 


As a small business owner who frequently makes $60k in a single week (And you could too...) I can tell you FROM EXPERIENCE:

The messy middle is the most important.

Not only important but NECESSARY. 

Going through all the trauma is the only way you'll EVER actually learn and GROW. ⬇️

"Adults learn through massive trauma"

- David Buss (professor of psychology)

If you want to move past the messy middle and hit that million-dollar mark -- you HAVE TO EXPERIENCE that trauma and be forced to change.

But... most business owners never get to this point.  

MOST business owners (I’d say 99%) reach the trauma part and move onto something else because it "just gets too hard.” 

While a CHOICE FEW (the 1%ers... see what I’m doing here?) take CONTROL of the mess and TRANSFORM it into boundless income and a delightful business that makes everyone else super jelly. ⬇️


What’s the Difference Between a 99% biz owner, and a 1% Business Owner?

Behold, all you need to know broken down into two 
mediocre drawings:

Can't stay inspired + motivated mainly by money 

Always distracted by shiny objects

Seeks "magic bullets" + lives by FOMO

Sticks to her comfort zone 
(chooses easy over hard, fast over slow)

Doesn't believe in systems and refuses to hire help (does everything herself)

Gets really defensive if she does something wrong

Buys course after course, but RARELY puts any of it into practice

Builds short-term money based on loopholes and distractions (no strategy)

Hangs out in FREE forums and groups with others like her 

ALWAYS overwhelmed (no battle plan)

Constantly inspired by her vision + puts delivering value first! 

Relentlessly executes on her plan, regardless of obstacles

Learns by DOING

Looks for opportunities to BE UNCOMFORTABLE 
(slow over fast, hard over easy)

Strategically invests in systems and team members as needed 

Knows learning from others is the most efficient way to solve a problem

Commits to implementation when she learns something new 

Is in this for the long haul 
(strategy always comes first)

PAYS for quality peer groups (never wants to be the smartest in the room)

SARAH - 99% Biz Owner

JANE - 1% Biz Owner

Sarah (the 99% biz owner) wants nothing more than to create her 😇 perfect 😇 small business. 

She SAYS she created it to "Work less, earn more, and deliver a remarkable customer experience...” 

...But in reality, her desires don't match her actions. 

★  Instead of working less -- she keeps searching the internet for MORE ideas, "strategies," "hacks," and "courses" to add her to dusty digital bookshelves. 

★  Instead of taking time off -- she chooses to purposefully stress herself out by living in constant FOMO.

★  Instead of providing an exceptional experience -- she doesn't utilize ANY of what she's learned -- keeping her inconsistent at best and mediocre at worst.  

★  Instead of earning more -- she just stresses OUT more which leads her to charge less, lose her passion, and resent her business.

Jane (our 1%er) actually 💪accomplishes💪 what Sarah craves. 

Because she's driven by delivering value to her customers FIRST.

★  She's not ‘busy’ being distracted with courses, software, or new things to sell.

★  Money is not her ONLY reason for succeeding, and -- wouldn’t you know it -- the money flows waaay easier to her! 

★  She is FOCUSED. She starts with her customer FIRST, and she makes sure her business WORKS for her, not against her. 

★  Instead of pushing, hustling, and grinding out of some misplaced sense of FOMO -- she takes BREAKS when she needs them... 

★ ...That way, she ALWAYS has the energy to deliver incredibly high value. (Meaning no guilty feelings or friction between her and her customers!)

Scientific FACT: We are ALL birthed kicking and screaming into the world of side-hustles + small business as a SARAH.

Everyone starts this way. Everyone falls the first time. You are NOT to blame for this.

But only 1% of people can transform into a Jane.

They learn how to take Sarah's TRAUMA and use it to transform into a JANE.

Join the 1%ers!

☝️All this is the reason that Jane is a 1%er.☝️  

So how can YOU go from a Sarah to a Jane?

(I think you might already know the answer...)


Guess What? Transformation isn’t instant. 

While everyone tries to sell you on, “The one thing that will grow your biz!” It's ALWAYS going to be disappointing because business and life just doesn't work like that.  


(You know it. I know it. That’s just not how life works...)

So fuck that noise! 

Instead, you can join our MAGICAL (YET GROUNDED) PLACE where:

★  Sarah’s can become Jane’s 

★  Thousandaires can become Millionaires 

★  99%ers can become 1%ers 

And together with STRATEGY, FOCUS, and TIME we can work through the messy middle, heal through traumas, and evolve our businesses into the ones we WANT. 

Remember in the graphic above when I mentioned that Jane will pay for PRIVATE, high-quality peer groups where she's never the smartest person in the room?

Well, that's exactly what the 1%ers is! 

“Here Are 4 Reasons Why...” 

1%ers is the right choice if you want to be a Jane: ⬇️

#1 ✔️Jane understands that if you want your biz to SKYROCKET into the profit stratosphere, you gotta build the rocket first. And that takes TIME. 

Steps to building a rocket (at least for this analogy) 

Step 1 - Assemble rocket

Step 2 - Test rocket 

Step 3 - Rocket flies into a wall

Step 4 - Test new boosters on rocket

Step 5 - Rocket flies into wall, again

Step 6 - Consult with fellow rocket scientists 

Step 7 - Do a bunch of tests

Step 8 - Fly WAYYYYY past Musk, Bezos, and Branson. 

Bottom Line: You need a place to assemble your rocket, experiment, and get high-quality advice about how to make your rocket BLAST past the stratosphere.  

The 1%ers is that place + community. 

#2 ✔️Jane realizes she needs a clear strategy.

If you want to know exactly what to do NOW and in the FUTURE -- sadly, you can’t, if you don’t know where you’re going OR what you really want. ⬇️

We will help you get clear on what you want and move through the messy middle with monthly "SIMPLIFY IT" sessions. 

Because you're definitely overcomplicating.

So we'll get together once a month, and come up with SIMPER solutions so you can move faster AND make your ideas clear for your customer.  Yeah, baby, you got this!

Step-by-Step Biz Map:

#3 ✔️Jane is all about FOCUS, not FOMO.

If you want to build that rocket, you will need people to help you stay FOCUSED on what will move the needle. And not get distracted by that 'cool new strategy' you saw someone post about on Instagram.

This group is all about helping you chase dreams, not squirrels. 

If it takes you FIVE years to build a million-dollar empire, there will be MORE than a few times that you will want to GIVE UP -- HARD. 

We've been there. We know. 

Your partner and your best friend down the street might be lovely to talk to, but they don't KNOW. They can't guide you through this. 

Only highly qualified people can help you come out on the other side richersmarter, and calmer

#4 ✔️Jane seeks/desires/loves being UNCOMFORTABLE. 

🚫  Fast-fixes + loopholes + magic pills = One Stuck Business.

Wanna to see a better equation? 

✅  Discomfort + commitment + expert support = *Dr. Evil voice* One MILLION Dollars!

This group is here to PUSH you through those uncomfortable ::cough cough:: traumatic times in your business and keep your eye on the prize. 

While enjoying the process soooooooooooo 
much more.

Wanna get richer, smarter, and calmer? 

You bet your butt you do! 🍑


(Once you get on the waitlist ⬆️, I review applications MYSELF 
and decide if you're a good fit.)

Here's the Nitty-Gritty of What You Get: 

⮕  Connections + Friendships with Biz Owners AT or ABOVE YOUR LEVEL...  This is a beautiful community that’s NOT on Facebook -- 🎉HUZZAH!🎉

Meaning you WON’T be bombarded with dumb, Google-able questions by beginners or unserious business owners. But you also won’t feel insecure or far behind your peers -- leaving you feeling like you can’t contribute! 

These are YOUR people, and you're going to create priceless bonds for LIFE! 

⮕  An always-on text group filled with people who LITERALLY just want to be your friend, learn from you, help your business grow, and connect with someone who feels their pain. This group is international! So even if you're up at 4 am -- someone should be around to help! 

IMPORTANT: We tolerate ZERO cross-selling and have NO tolerance for racism, sexism, hate speech, political chatter, or anything that doesn't encourage YOU to be YOU! Let's rise up, stay on task, and help each other out, shall we?

⮕  A place to share your LIFE as a business owner. We care about YOU. We want to know what you did today, not just how you felt about the business. There's a dedicated spot in this group just to share your day-to-day life. 

(Because we all need that BREAK Jane gives herself...)

⮕  2x monthly 🔥HOT🔥 seat parties (LIVE coaching calls where we focus on ONE business!)

Each month, 2 lucky people will get a chance to be in the hot seat. 

These sessions almost ALWAYS lead to major epiphanies and “ah-ha” moments like no other type of coaching we’ve ever seen! 

Plus, finding your business strategy and creating big things needs to be FUN, or else you're not gonna do it. #natch

(There are enough hot seats for everyone to get at least one, and all you need to do is show up to a hot seat session to get chosen!)

⮕  Hot seat party replays Because watching other people get coached (when you can't sleep at 4 am) is a great way to find your own insomnia cures! 

(Replays will help you FIND the strategy, young one!)

⮕  1x monthly SIMPLIFY IT Session (LIVE Twitch sessions where we take your latest business conudrum and make it SIMPLER!)

Because you're overcomplicating it, for sure.

These sessions are like a STREAMLINE SHOWER -- we wash all the items off your to-do list and replace them with something that's MUCH FASTER, easier, and quite frankly: BETTER for your customers!

Because people buy things that are SIMPLE. People buy things they UNDERSTAND. Let's bring more of THAT to your business, mmmkay??

(These are live group sessions. You show up, drop a link to what you're working on in the chat, and then we SIMPLIFY it for you!)

⮕  Exclusive access to EVERY piece of Premium Content I've ever made -- and will continue to make in the next year! 

(Yep -- my Etsy courses are going to disappear forever. As in, no one can buy them again. If you want them, this is the ONLY place you can find them. You'll have FOREVER access to all my premium courses as a member of the 1%ers).

⮕  Your very own 1%er dashboard! It's going to be pretty snazzy. It's also going to help you stay organized because we'll be keeping your text group resources, docs, replays and courses in the dashboard FOR YOU.

Meanwhile, the main group is *LITERALLY* just a text away...And it's where YOU want it to be: your phone, computer, iPad -- everywhere! Whatever workflow is BEST is where we want you to STAY!

(Soooooooo much better than another Facebook group, amiright?)

⮕  $500 discount off a future cohort, if you'd like to join the 1%ers again. The 1%ers is a year-long program, and if you love it and wanna go around again next year, you'll have a $500 off coupon just sitting in your pocket! 

(And we’re pretty confident you’re going to want to take us up on this.) 

⮕  Access to THREE business coaches: 

  • One for tech and implementation help
  • One for marketing ideas once you have your strategy
  • One to help you solve those BIG mindset+life problems 

PLUS! The talented folks are ALL in the 1%ers with you — waiting to answer your questions and help you stay FOCUSED instead of getting LOST in the FOMO.

Introducing your BUSINESS COACHES + ME!  

Meet Your Crew...


THREE (yes, three) of my businesses FAILED before I finally got the hang of it. Now I spend my time teaching other UNEMPLOYABLE peeps how to create their income and lifestyle dreams from home.  I work about 4 hours a day, 4 days a week. My business brings in $350k per year and my expenses are LOW. I paid myself $176,000 of that this year. (That means I make $230 per HOUR...) My goal is to help you create a business that is so effortless it's a JOY to run. Let's get you HAPPIER than you've ever been!


I am, most of the time, an extroverted person who loves to make people laugh.

I REALLY love to help people (YOU) realize their full potential (yes that does sound like I am about to win a pageant).

I ran a $100k Etsy shop for 4 years before I realized that I love coaching WAY more. So I left Etsy behind to pursue my happy place! Now I help other biz owners find and fix their problems every day, and I couldn't be happier!


Tech is my happy place -- I spend much of my time editing videos, playing with new tools, and getting into the latest new thing. 

I've tried it all, and I can send you a video showing you how to use it! Before this, I worked for tech companies and schools, so I know how to set up systems that run huge companies!

Now I'm here to help you create a tech stack that AUTOMATES the hard bits and gets you more time back each month!

Why a PEER GROUP instead of a course??


🤬 - Every course sticks you with at least ONE 45-minute video that’s probably just a sales pitch. UUGGH! 

The knowledge you actually NEED and will REMEMBER probably boils down to a few sentences anyway, so why is everyone stretching it out? 

Instead, what if you could just PULL OUT YOUR PHONE and text your business buddies. There. It's done. Those experts already DID what you're trying to do. Let them help!

😩 - What if you're really struggling with a decision and you can't sleep at 4 am?? 

No business coach or DIY course is gonna comfort you!

The magic of a group of peers that's on your phone? You can text them day or night. 

We're international AF. Guaranteed there's someone up when you are — whether you can't sleep or live halfway across the world -- we're all here to help you figure it out!

🏁 - Does anyone FINISH courses anymore?? 

Almost everyone has bought at least one course and NOT finished it. (Guilty!) Usually, the excuse is, "I can't find the time" LIES... LIES! You're not finishing that course because you don't WANT to finish it because it's NOT HELPING. 

Stop relying on courses to change your life. YOU CAN figure this out.

We help 1%ers create a clear STRATEGY and stick to it. No more distractions and busting your budget on "knowledge" you're simply not gonna use.

📆 - Courses and programs only last for a few weeks (or months). 

NO ONE goes from making crumbs to creating their WILDEST DREAMS in 2 months. 

This fantasy is why you're always disappointed with courses and "challenges.”  It's just NEVER enough time to change your mindset from a Sarah to a Jane -- let alone implement anything you’ve learned or get to where you want to go!

The 1%ers are here for the LONG HAUL - 1 FULL YEAR.

As a business owner, some weeks, I need help every day, and sometimes I go weeks without needing support. The 1%ers allows for this flexibly without trying to squeeze your flow into a box. 

The issues you've faced in previous programs WON'T happen inside The 1%ers because of one critical change: 


I’ve purchased an EMBARRASSING amount of courses in my 6 years as a business owner. But I only ever saw REAL results from my text groups.


I could chat with other biz owners DAILY if needed.

I could solve problems in one quick text instead of OBSESSING for weeks. 

I could get emotional support from people who UNDERSTOOD what I was going through, not just confused ‘uh-huhs’ from friends (love ya friends, but you're useless!) 

I can attribute 99% of my mindset shifts to the REGULAR exposure I had to just ONE group of peers.

Now I want to recreate --and improve upon -- that experience for YOU! 



Before we created The 1%ers, here were your 3 choices for business development programs: 

#1 - Take a course

#2 - Join an expensive mastermind ($15K+ investment) 

#3 - Pay a coach to talk to you once or twice a month ($20K+ investment) 

Some of these programs are GREAT, but I'm sure you know by now, most are a letdown or just plain cost-prohibitive.  

You are BUSY. 

Your plate is FULL. 

Your overwhelm has overwhelm.

While you want to fix the problem, you KNOW that you're not gonna finish a course, and you don't have time for some super invasive program...

That's why I designed this program to slot into your day EFFORTLESSLY.


Example of the group and what it looks like / how it works ⬇️

Here are some examples of common questions and answers we've seen instantly resolved by the group) ⬇️

CURIOUS What Happens in a Hot Seat?

Each month, 2 lucky people will get a chance to be in the hot seat. 

These sessions almost ALWAYS lead to major epiphanies and “ah-ha” moments like no other type of coaching we’ve ever seen! 

Here’s how hot seats work: 

First, you get TWO sentences to summarize your problem. 

Second, we start asking you questions.

We get your brain THINKING about things and digging around in places you can't get to on your own. The fact is your brain HAS what it needs to succeed already. If it didn't, you never would've gotten this far.

So instead of trying to be "the authority that shows you the way,” we help you UNLOCK what you're already capable of.

“You’ve always had the power, my dear. 
You’ve had it all along.”

These question sessions are your Ruby Slippers!

Instead of spending $ on courses and masterminds that tell you HOW to do it — You need to understand WHAT you're doing and WHY — then you need to FOCUS on what you really want.

❌ A course CAN'T tell you what you want most. 

❌ A mastermind CAN'T give you the clarity and motivation you can give yourself. 

First of all, let’s STOP assuming all businesses want the same things!

Like, what if you HATE doing something those courses are telling you to do?? 

If I hate outreach -- no matter how many courses I take --I'm STILL NOT gonna do outreach.🤣#TrueStory

This program is all about uncovering and accepting what you DO and DO NOT want to do, leaning into what you love, and helping you find creative ways to deal with necessary but undesirable tasks. 

Why is this BETTER than me figuring things out on my own...?

Answer me this: How many hours have you spent on Google, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram this week alone looking up answers to various problems? 

Then, answer me THIS: How many EXTRA hours have you spent on Google, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram getting caught in an internet rabbit hole INSTEAD of finding answers to various problems?

(That's not even factoring in all the time you might take FACT CHECKING  the formation to make sure it's even RIGHT! The internet is NUTS. You have to check!)

Buttercup... all that has GOT to change...  

What if instead, you had a group you could just text and get a clear, accurate answer, -- STAT?

How much time would you SAVE if you had someone to TALK to about your problems? How much STRESS would you save knowing that the answer is from someone you trust?  

The answer: A whole heck-of-a-lot! 

I’ll leave you with two FINAL thoughts:

Thought #1 - As teenagers, our peers have the most influence on us. 

They shape us into who we are more than our own parents!

What if YOU were surrounded by successful business owners who truly believe in you? People who wanna talk "make it happen" instead of "that's too hard"? Who could you become with the BEST SUPPORT you've ever had?

Wouldn’t that potentially have the GREATEST positive effect on your success than anything you could imagine???  

☝️☝️☝️☝️This is why this kind of group is just so damn powerful!!! 

Thought #2 - You're already texting friends and family, right? 

Well, if you're already texting, why not text your high-level business buds and ask a question when you have it? It takes about 4 seconds, and you'll get a collection of answers instead of sitting at home feeling confused.

It seems like a no-brainer to me! 🧠🧠🧠🧠

Alright, that's it. If you have questions, TEXT us here

And if you want to sign up, here’s your last chance! ⬇️

The 1%ers

Let's build million-dollar empires together.


1%ers Premium

Text Group with Biz Owners AT or ABOVE YOUR LEVEL

2x Monthly HOT SEAT Parties


PRIVATE 1%ers Live Streams, aka "Simplify It" Sessions

Forever Access to Past, Present, and Future Courses 

$500 discount off future cohort if you choose to rejoin
 (which I’m sure you will!) 


1%ers Executive

Everything in Premium

*** Access to ME (Jenni) in a completely private text group for TIP TOP performers only!

I LOVE to text. So this is how you become my new BFF. I'll be getting to know you and your biz SHOCKINGLY well, and I'll be interacting with you 10x more often than if you were a private coaching client.

*** Get to know the TOP business owners ...
You’re gonna be surrounded by people who are READY to make things happen and committed to level up in a BIG way. 

Monthly audio office hours: show up and we'll focus on fixing the problem of your choice until it's DONE.


1%ers Lifetime

Get everything. As in ALL of it. Not just the 1%ers EXECS (and everything in it)...But everything we ever make in the future too. You can have it all (past, present, and future!) for one payment.

Get two coaches in our reception room for the first week you join! We'll get to know you, your goals, and help you develop a plan FIRST THING.

Then, after your first week, we'll introduce you into the larger 1%ers group with a strategy in hand -- you'll never feel like you're walking into a room of strangers!


1%ers Lifetime

Get everything. As in ALL of it. Not just the 1%ers EXECS (and everything in it)...But everything we ever make in the future too. You can have it all (past, present, and future!) for one payment

Get two coaches in our reception room for the first week you join! We'll get to know you, your goals, and help you develop a plan FIRST THING.

Then, after your first week, we'll introduce you into the larger 1%ers group with a strategy in hand -- you'll never feel like you're walking into a room of strangers!